Choux Factory

It was such a nice day yesterday and Joel and I didn't want to waste it. We decided to take our Little Henri to Central Park and make the most out of the beautiful day. After strolling the park and enjoying the scenery, we decided to take a 'snack' at this little Southern place called "Cilantro". We simply shared a spiced chicken enchilada and their assorted chips and fried plantains and homemade salsa. The food was just 'ok' that's why I don't intend to write a separate entry about it. What I truly enjoyed was our "dessert" afterwards which we got on our way home. I was craving for something sweet and light. Initially, I wanted ice-cream until I came up with something I didn't have in a long time... pate a choux!!! And the perfect place that came to mind was "Choux Factory" which was located just across our apartment (how convenient, I know!).

Pate a Choux (pronouned pat-a-shu) commonly known as 'cream puff' is a pastry dough used to make profiteroles, eclairs, gougeres, etc. In culinary school, we were taught that the defining factor of this dough is that it is cooked twice... in the pan and in the oven. It contains only flour, butter, water, eggs, pinch of salt and sugar. In lieu of a raising agent, it employs a rather high moisture content creating steam and allowing the pastry to "puff". I remember that this recipe was asked repeatedly in our evaluations so I will never forget the amounts and ingredients of this dough.

Joel and I shared a "berry berry" cream puff. The dough had a crunch on the outside and was airy and soft inside. It was filled with vanilla custard (which was just right...not too sweet!), whipped cream and topped with fresh raspberries and blueberries.It just took probably less than 6 bites to finish the small piece of heaven. Yum! Next time, I want to try the green tea choux!

Choux Factory - 1685 First Avenue, NY NY
(212) 289 2023


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