Momofuku Milk Bar : Cereal Milk Ice Cream and Compost Cookie

This is actually Part 2 of the Ippudo Night because after stuffing ourselves silly with ramen, we wanted to take Gaea out for dessert. The decision was unanimous. We drove and made a dessert "stop" at Momofuku Milk Bar. It was actually my second time there (Ate Nanette introduced us to the whole Momofuku craze and we instantly became a fan!).

They all went down and ordered their individual ice creams while baby Henri (who was already knocked out this time) and I stayed in the car. All the girls got the cereal milk ice-cream. This taste exactly how it sounds.. talk about breakfast ice-cream! :) Joel got us cereal milk and red velvet (too rich for me!) soft serve ice-cream plus the highly recommended 'compost' cookie.

The high concept COMPOST cookie is made up of chocolate pretzels, potato chips (yes that's right!), oats, coffee, butterscotch chips and chocolate chips! All that mixed into a batter frenzy. Thus the name "compost"... A unique, well thought-of hodgepodge of sweetness, saltiness and creaminess all in one cookie!

Momofuku Milk Bar
207 2nd Ave. , NY 10003 (corner of 13th and 2nd)


Am said…
I loooove the compost cookie! Their dulce de leche cake is a little too dense for me

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