A "Longganisa" Love Story

Yesterday I got a very interesting call (skype) from my sister Addie. She broke the BIG news that Neil proposed and she said Yes! I was thrilled and ecstatic. My little sister is going to get married!!! But at the same time I got sentimental...especially when she said that she is absolutely clueless on how to go about the planning because you usually do these things with your mother. She was right. I totally felt the same way when I got engaged myself. *sigh* We miss you mom...wishing that you're here to share the good news. But as they say, 'Life goes on..." and I know it will. I assured Addie that she had me...her Ate (big sister) who will help in every way she can.

I realized that I actually played a huge part in their love story. And so I dedicate this journal entry to them....

Roughly 4 years ago, I played matchmaker to my sister Addie and my good friend Neil. At that time, we had this weekly "Poker Nights" which happened every Monday. I was hooked with the challenge and the game. One Monday, I decided to bring Addie along because she wasn't doing anything that night. I told her I'd teach her how to play and it was a chance to get to know my boy barkada (group of close friends). At the back of my head, I was already thinking that it could be a chance for her to find a "date" because a number of the boys were single at that time! hahaha! And true enough, someone caught her eye. I believe they felt an instant connection that night because Addie ended up talking to him the whole night and not joining any of the poker games at all!

At first, they were both mum about it. I finally confirmed that there was something special brewing when I got a pasalubong bag full of Ilocos longganisa from Neil when he got back from his business trip up North. I thought to myself, "Why did he send me this?!?!". I mean, I love Vigan longganisa, who doesn't? For those not familiar, it's a unique combination of pork, fat, spices, vinegar and garlic (lots of them!) stuffed in an intestinal casing. Ofcourse it wouldn't be complete if you don't dip it into some spicy native coconut vinegar. Just beware because they produce the deadliest burps! You'll know what I mean when you smell one...gulp! Going back to my story, it then hit me! The bag of goodies wasn't for me (duh!) ... it was for Addie. I guess he was just too shy to admit it that time. As you would have guessed, that garlicky tasty and meaty longganisa went a long way...the rest is history!

Congratulations Ads and Neil! I love you both! Mwah!


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