Max & Mina's Ice Cream : Out of this World Flavors

This is part 2 of our dessert quest (Doughnut Planet entry).

We were in a mission to bring Gaea around and let her have a "taste of New York". So we were off to our 2nd dessert stop after our doughnut sampling...ICE-CREAM! (What were we thinking!!!Kinda crazy, right?). Joel typed the address of this ice-cream place and said that it would take about 15 minutes to get there. Since we were not in a hurry and had no plans for the afternoon, we all cheerfully agreed. The supposed 15 minutes actually became 45 minutes because of the traffic. So we were all getting a bit restless inside the car. Our fingers were crossed that the drive was worth it.

Max & Mina's : a cute mom and pop ice cream shop in Flushing, Queens. The small space was filled with a plethora of colorful stickers and signs both vintage and modern. They offered a wide array of bold and innovative ice-cream in boxes (not plastic tubs!). They had crazy and random flavors such as Ginger, Horseradish, Cabernet, Beer, Spicy Peanut Butter, etc. The ice cream dude was kind enough to let us taste everything we wanted....and we really took advantage of the free sampling. I sampled probably 7 flavors. I remember tasting the Horseradish - it really tasted like it, not my type though, Cabernet- creamy red wine, again this did not really tickle my fancy, it was kinda weird, Coffee - Coco and I loved it!, Doughnut - it really had small doughnut bits with a hint of cinnamon, Pomegranate - creamy and a bit tart, Silk Chocolate and Oreo Fudge - complete sugar rush! super yum! After all the tasting, we had to decide what scoops to get;

Joel and I shared 4 different flavors. We told the guy to pick 4 of his top picks because we couldn't choose. And we got Oreo Fudge, Doughnut, Some weird Chocolate flavor and Cookie Dough.

Coco's Coffee scoop

Gaea was the most adventurous, she got the ??????? (it's the ice-cream with no name because it's a mixture of random things. And it's bright crayola green!) and Cotton Candy (I have to confirm this). All I remember was that it was light aqua with generous colorful sprinkles! Very Gaea! hahaha! :)

Max & Mina's Ice Cream
7128 Main St., Flushing NY 11367
E,F to Union Turnpike-Kew Gardens, then Q74 to 72nd St.
(718) 7938629


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