Yakiniku West

My husband put himself on a diet for over a month to prepare for a Jiu-jitsu competition because he wanted to fit in a certain weight class. I was somewhat put on a diet too because I felt it was not practical to cook for just myself. Anyway, yesterday it was all over! Phew! So I told him we had to celebrate and eat out! I asked him where he wanted to go and without even thinking, he said "Yakiniku West". This place has been one of our favorite spots since we moved here in the city last year. And we make it a point to go here on either a Wednesday or a Sunday since they give 50% off their kobe short rib... which means we get to order as much of it as we like! Aside from the kobe plates, our staple orders are the Yuke (Korean Beef Tartar with raw egg and julienned apples...not for the weak of hearts! You must be a beef aficionado to appreciate this!) and a sashimi plate (usually tuna/yellowtail or salmon!). Yakiniki West never fails to make us stuff ourselves silly yet still manage to keep big smiles on our faces!

Yakiniku West - 218 East 9th Street (between 2nd and 3rd Ave), NY, NY
(212)- 9799238


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